Meet the team

Emilie Mwanza, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

A trainee multimedia journalist at the University of Central Lancashire who loves the buzz of live sport and breaking news. Tottenham Hotspur through and through. Emilie is also a co-host on the LG Women’s Football podcast.

Abby Rampling-Mott, Editor

Hi I’m Abby, a trainee multimedia journalist based in Preston. I co-host the LG Women’s Football podcast with Emilie and help to run LGWF’s TikTok account. 

Ione Gildroy, Contributor

Ione is a freelance journalist and modern languages student in Edinburgh who loves writing breaking news, interviews and features, and anything to do with women’s and queer issues. 

Abbie Murphy, Contributor

Hello, my name is Abbie and I am an 18-year-old aspiring writer. I am currently in my last year of A-Levels, and I am the owner of FootieFusion which I work on in my spare time.

Jenny Chen, Contributor

Jenny recently graduated with a degree in Political Science and in Women’s & Gender Studies. She is currently teaching English in Spain while on her gap years before law school. Her hobbies include writing, travelling and women’s football.

Gabriella Valentine, Contributor

Hi, my name is Gabriella and I am an aspiring Sports Journalist and Content Creator. I’m a lifelong sports fan especially loving Football and Golf. I’ve been following Women’s football from a young age and at a weekend you can probably find me watching a game.

Marni Dagtoglou, Contributor

A sports writer based in Edinburgh and London. Marni is fully immersed in following and writing on women’s football, from the WSL across the pond to the NWSL. Currently she’s working with the URC WLA on driving change in women’s sport.

Trinity Brown, Contributor

Hi my name is Trinity, I am 19 years old and from the Northeast of England. I am in my last year of college and I study double health and social and English Literature.

Kylie Holmes, Contributor

Hi, my name is Kylie. I’m a freelance writer and author. I recently graduated with a degree in Creative Writing. I’m a mum of four and love football, especially the women’s game. At the weekend’s you’ll find me travelling around the UK watching my football mad daughter play football. My hobbies include making homemade ice cream and sampling cheesecakes. When I’m not writing you can find me walking my three border collies, or going to gigs, the theatre or the cinema.

Carys Wallace, Contributor

Carys is a contributor for LG Women’s Football.

Finley Chung, Contributor

Hey, I’m Fin! A big football enjoyer and a Spurs fan. I have a huge passion for women’s football, long form feature pieces, and I  have a real desire to bring the stories that don’t get spoken about to the forefront of women’s football.

Women’s football is magical and Beyond The 90 is a fantastic place to get all your news.