About us

Welcome to Beyond The 90

Beyond The 90 (formerly LG Women’s Football) is an award winning publication that is dedicated to championing women’s football at all levels.

In August 2022, England’s Lionesses penned an open-letter to the government, calling for all girls across the nation to be able to play football at school. They outlined their goal for boys and girls to have equal access to the beautiful game and labelled their success in the European Championship as ‘just the beginning’.

Inspired by their public call for change, our founder Emilie Mwanza decided to create a publication solely dedicated to celebrating landmark successes in women’s football around the world.

What started as small blog, is now a growing publication with a team of writers bringing you the all latest news and updates in the sport.

We pride ourselves on giving a voice to women’s football stories at all levels, grassroots included, so if you have a story you want us to cover, you can get in touch at: newsdesk@beyondthe90.co.uk