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Claudia Moan, the Championship Golden Glove winner and Sunderland’s Player of the Season, is set to join arch-rivals Newcastle United.

Moan has had a stellar season with Sunderland, where she has been a key player since 2019.

During this season, she made 25 appearances for Sunderland in the Championship, achieving 10 clean sheets and conceding only 18 goals.

With such impressive statistics, it’s no surprise that Newcastle United, newly promoted to the Championship, were eager to sign the 25-year-old goalkeeper.

The rivalry between Newcastle and Sunderland is one of the fiercest in football, and with both teams now competing in the same league, this rivalry is set to intensify on the women’s side.

As the new season approaches, it will be interesting to see how Newcastle adapts to the Championship after their impressive performance last year.

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