Toni Duggan

Everton FC have announced that 32-year-old forward Toni Duggan will depart from the WSL club at the end of the month.

Duggan, who made 10 appearances for the Toffees this season (one start and nine substitutions), is set to leave Everton for the second time in her career.

Throughout her career, Duggan has played for a range of top clubs, including Barcelona, Manchester City, and Atlético Madrid. Since rejoining Everton in 2021, she has scored two goals in 27 appearances.

Breaking through the academy and earning the FA Young Player of the Year award in 2009, Duggan has been a significant figure at the club. Her departure will be felt deeply by both the team and the fans.

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In the FA Cup this season, Duggan made four appearances and scored two goals. Everton supporters will undoubtedly miss her presence after her many years with the club.

Alan McTavish, Everton Women’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “Everyone at Everton thanks Toni for her service and commitment to the Club.

”From breaking into the Senior Team as a 16-year-old to winning the FA Cup, she can be very proud of her contributions to Everton.

”We wish Toni all the best for the future.”

It remains unclear where the English forward will go next.

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