The 24-year-old midfielder’s contract with Liverpool expires at the end of the season and the Merseyside club have announced that she will be leaving them.

In 2023, Taylor joined Liverpool from NWSL team, Angel City and while they finished eighth, Angel City brought in the highest average attendance in the league.

Taylor made 15 appearances for the side in her time at Liverpool, with her only goal being the decider against Arsenal in their 1-0 victory on the opening day.

In the second half of this season, Taylor went on loan to Aston Villa where she made seven appearances for the team.

On her departure, manager, Matt Beard, said: “It was a tough [midfield] group for her to break into; whenever she did, she did well.

“She has made some fantastic memories at the club.”

While there has been no official word on where she will go next, it is rumoured that Aston Villa are interested in signing the midfielder.

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By Abby Rampling-Mott

Trainee multimedia journalist based in Preston. Abby is also a co-host on the LG Women's Football podcast.