The Dutch international has revealed that she will be leaving the Merseyside club at the end of the season.

Shanice van de Sanden joined Matt Beard’s side in the summer of 2022 for her second run with the club.

She first joined the squad in 2016, after playing in the Vrouwen Eredivisie with FC Twente.

The forward made the move to the French league to join Olympique Lyonnais in 2017 where she stayed until September 2020.

Her final move before her return to Liverpool was to Germany where she spent two years playing for Wolfsburg.

After six years, she returned to the Reds and took the number 19 shirt, featuring for the club 20 times in the past two seasons, despite injury.

Liverpool women’s manager, Matt Beard, spoke to about the choice not to extend Van de Sanden’s contract: “We’ve had to look at the availability for minutes over the last two years; with that in mind, unfortunately Shanice will be moving on.

“She is a fantastic player and we’re determined to get her fully fit for her next move and we wish her all the luck.”

The forward is yet to reveal where she will continue her career.

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By Abby Rampling-Mott

Trainee multimedia journalist based in Preston. Abby is also a co-host on the LG Women's Football podcast.