The cumulative attendance for the Women’s Super League and Women’s Championship in one season just surpassed a historical one million for the first time ever during last week’s fixtures.

The WSL’s season is still ongoing, but the previous attendance record of 689,297 across the two leagues from last season has already been broken by a country mile.

Nikki Doucet, the CEO of the Barclays Women’s Super League and Barclays Women’s Championship, said: “We’re thrilled to have broken through the one million mark for our cumulative attendance across our leagues,” and credited the clubs, players, and staff for their efforts in growing the game this season.

Pic: Women’s Professional Game

Doucet said that the milestone “speaks volumes about the interest in women’s football in this country.”

She added: “This is only the beginning of our journey however, and we’re so excited to see these records hopefully be broken time and time again in the years to come as our game continues to grow.”

Featured image courtesy of Jenny Chen.

By Jenny Chen

Jenny recently graduated with a double major in Political Science and in Women’s & Gender Studies. She is formerly a law exchange at the University of Edinburgh. She is currently teaching English in Spain while on her gap years before law school. Her hobbies include writing, traveling, and women’s football.