On Saturday Bristol City and Liverpool met for their third meeting of the season, with only one goal separating the two sides.

Despite only being promoted the previous season, it seems that Bristol City will be headed back to the Championship after a challenging campaign.

Lauren Smith’s side have earned just six points out of their 19 matches, only one of which they have a won.

Liverpool, however, are sat behind FA Cup Finalists, Manchester United.

With both teams on 32 points they are still set to play each other on Sunday 5 May at Prenton Park and Liverpool will now be aiming to grasp onto fourth place.

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However, despite the 26 points separating the two sides, the Reds struggled to secure a prominent win against Bristol.

In the first half, a mistake from Shae Yáñez nearly cost Bristol City to concede after an attempt to clear the ball away from the six-yard box.

The ball rebounded off Sophie Roman Haug and headed directly towards the goal before being safely cleared away by Bristol’s Amy Rodgers.

An early goal from Liverpool opened the scoreline in the 13th minute as the ball was played to the edge of the area, resulting in a left footed shot from Marie Höbinger slotted past Yáñez who had no chance of keeping the scoreline at bay.

As the first half progressed both teams had many chances which were unable to be converted into a goal.

Second Half

Hope wasn’t lost for Bristol City as with 45 minutes still left to play Lauren Smith made her first two substitutes of the game: Sarah Stratigakis and Carrie Jones replaced Rachel Furness and Naomi Layzell.

Liverpool weren’t going to let their lead get taken away from them easily however as Matt Beard also made his first substitution: Gemma Bonner came on for Ireland International Leanne Kiernan.

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Liverpool dominated the second half and Carrie Jones made a last minute attempt as she had a high footed shot from outside of the box after it was played in from a throw in.

In what will have been another disappointing result for Lauren Smith’s side, Bristol remain bottom of the league table and will next face Manchester City at home on Sunday 28 April.

Matt Beard’s side will have to wait just a few days longer to be back in action, as they host Chelsea at Prenton Park on Wednesday 1 May.

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