Chelsea beat West Ham at Chigwell Construction Stadium yesterday, securing a crucial three points and increasing the gap between themselves and Manchester City.

First Half

The home team were eager to prevent the Blues from securing an early lead, focusing on their defence until Viviane Asseyi’s header almost put them ahead in the first 20 seconds.

However, despite her efforts the ball was taken back up the pitch, for Chelsea to open the scoring.

In the first 90 seconds, England international, Aggie Beever-Jones found the back of the net after a cut-back from Lauren James in the penalty area.

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Risa Shimizu attempted to make a tackle to prevent the early goal but she failed to make contact.

Referee, Megan Wilson, made a controversial decision 14 minutes into the game deeming Riko Ueki’s goal as offside.

Despite this, West Ham had worked through the Chelsea defence with the priority of securing a goal to level the field once again.

An added four minutes allowed both teams to attempt to find a goal, but ultimately, despite West Ham finding themselves as the stronger team in the final minutes, Hannah Hampton restricted them from levelling the scoreline. 

Second Half

Emma Hayes’ side was the more promising of the two, as the game began again, Chelsea holding the early possession despite West Ham attempting to keep themselves in the game.

In the 48th minute, The Hammers were caught offside once again after Ueki made a clear run towards to the penalty box.

Hampton’s efforts failed, allowing her net to be wide open, this left her defence with the task of clearing it away.

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Chelsea were saved as before Ueki had the chance to shoot the ball into the back of the net, the flag was shown signalling that the number nine had been caught offside once again.

The away team soon became relentless in their attack, and Erin Cuthbert headed the ball into the back of the net in a late 87th minute goal, doubling the Blues’ lead off of a corner.

Despite an added five minutes of stoppage time, the final scoreline had been determined after Chelsea’s second goal.

Post Match

This now places Chelsea back at the top of the Women’s Super League table, only separating themselves and Manchester City by goal difference.

West Ham however remain in 11th only now sitting six points ahead of previous Championship side Bristol City who are looking as if they are inevitably going to be relegated.

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