It was a 1pm kick-off at Goodison Park yesterday, as Everton and Liverpool went head-to-head in the Merseyside derby.

First Half

There were an array of injuries in the start of the first half, with the likes of Megan Finnigan, Courtney Brosnan and Ceri Holland, slowing play.

Holland was shown the only yellow card of the game for continuing to run at Brosnan, despite the goalkeeper having caught the ball.

Consequently, the Republic of Ireland keeper required medical attention for the second time in the first 15 minutes.

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Despite nine minutes of added time in the first half, neither side was able to make anything of it, leaving it 0-0.

Second Half

In the second half, both teams came out with a lot more energy and the game was able to gain more momentum than it had in the first half due to there being fewer injuries.

Liverpool manager, Matt Beard made a double substitution in the 59th minute, with Mia Enderby replacing Leanne Kiernan and Marie-Therese Höbinger coming on for Missy-Bo Kearns.

Jasmine Matthew’s injury forced a third change for Liverpool as she left the pitch for Yana Daniëls.

Everton then made two substitutions in their midfield, taking off Emma Bissell for Katrine Veje and Kathrine Kuhl for Martina Piemonte.

Also in the 74th minute, Liverpool made their final substitution of the match with Melissa Lawley replacing Lucy Parry.

Justine Vanhaevermaet looked promising with her shot from distance, but it was saved by Leat.

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Brian Sorenson made his last substitution of the game with Karen Holmgaard replacing Hanna Bennison.

There were a series of missed attempts and a shot from Holland that was saved, but despite 10 minutes of extra time, the derby ended 0-0.

Post Match

The game was a disappointing one for both sides, being rather stop-start in nature due to constant injuries from both teams and lacking atmosphere from a remarkably small crowd for it being a derby.

When asked about the low attendance, failing to draw in 10,000 supporters, Brian Sorenson told the BBC: “I don’t have an answer as to why there wasn’t more because it’s a Sunday, there should be.”

Liverpool gain the point and due to Manchester United’s defeat at the Manchester derby the day prior, Beard’s side progress to fourth place.

Everton also won a point but dropped to tenth in the league.

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By Abby Rampling-Mott

Trainee multimedia journalist based in Preston. Abby is also a co-host on the LG Women's Football podcast.