Lucy Clark, the woman who became the first transgender referee in football, has made history once again, as she becomes the first transgender manager in the top five divisions of English women’s football.

She was made manager of the Sutton United women’s team on 24 January and described her appointment as “a dream come true.”

Clark, 51, also shared that her love for her club had led to her managing the team on computer games.

She said: “To actually actively be involved in this role is just amazing.

”So I’m living the dream, loving it.”

Sutton United said it was “great to have a lifelong U’s fan on board” and that they wish Clark “every success in the role”.

Lucy Clark came out as transgender in 2018 and has faced negative comments on social media.

She commented on this, saying: “There’s already been a few of the Twitter warriors who have said their piece, I let them crack on.

“I’ve been known as the trans referee, and that’s gone fine.

‘’Sometimes the words can get to you, but I’m thick skinned – I hit the block button and get on with it.”

Clark was the first transgender referee in football, refereeing matches in the third tier of women’s football.

Prior to this appointment, she coached a team when she was 16, as well as managing a men’s non-league team.

Clark says she decided to start managing again after setting up TRUK United FC, a fully inclusive team.

She told BBC Sport: “When the Sutton job came up, I took a week to think, but I thought, this is just perfect.

‘’I put my application in, and thankfully I have been successful.”

It was no easy start, however as in Clark’s first game as manager, on Sunday 28 January, Sutton United lost 3-1 to Fulham.

They next face Millwall Lionesses away at St Pauls Sports Ground in Rotherhithe on Sunday 11 February where they will hope to take all three points.

With nine league games left to play this season, they currently sit six points above the relegation zone.

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